Space Theater(23・24F)

Space Theater

To the world’s highest
public-access planetarium

above ground

Countless stars sprinkled throughout the night sky …
A look at the starry sky will kindle your imagination about the mysteries of our universe. Come to our planetarium at 104.25 meters above ground and experience the allure of deep space yourself.

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Observation Lobby(22F)

Meiji Era Early Showa Era Present
Meiji Era Early Showa Era Present

The city of Koriyama, a strategically important transportation center since times of old, has developed in tandem with the railroads that serve it. Koriyama Station and its vicinity, from the late 19th-century Meiji Era to the early 20th-century Showa Era and to the present day, are reproduced in an elaborate diorama – Japan's largest permanent exhibit based on N-gauge (1/150 scale) models. A diorama show, featuring trains from different eras, is very popular among visitors of all ages.

SL Simulator

SL Simulator

Take a seat in the engineer’s cab and test your skill at the command of one of the steam locomotive (SL)-driven trains featured in the diorama. A camera mounted on the SL transports you into the model itself.

Exhibit Zone(21F)

Space Theater

Space Frontier

What kinds of training do astronauts undergo for spending time in space? … At Space Frontier, you can enjoy a true astronaut’s sensation by experiencing firsthand such simulators as the Triple Spin designed for training in a gravity-free environment, and the Moon Jump that allows you to experience the Moon’s gravity.

Simulated Space Exploration Portrait of the Universe Moon Jump
Simulated Space Exploration Portrait of the Universe Moon Jump

Plasma Ball Triple Spin Science Show
Plasma Ball Triple Spin Science Show

Learning Zone(20F)

This zone offers PC and craft-making classes where participants can experience science in a casual, enjoyable way.

Digital Studio   Science Hiroba

Digital Studio

Enjoy making crafts of your own based on designs which you have created using a PC!


Science Hiroba

Here participants can enjoy scientific craft-making using materials found in daily life.